Swim With The Dolphins & Manatees Tour

Upon boarding our boat you will disembark on a nature cruise through the beautiful waters of Cocoa Beach's Intracoalstal Waterway. You'll see sandbars full of seashells, and be able to observe beautiful Florida birds like the pelican, melrose, spoonbill, osprey and the great blue herring, along with many others who live in this island paradise.
The boat ride will drop you off on a remote island that you won't want to leave. You will rendezvous with our island guide and then you and your family will be able to explore the area collecting seashells, and chasing the native lizards (which kids absolutely love)!
After you are done exploring the tropical island's hidden treasures, the real fun begins! You'll swim in to the water where you will be able to swim amid dolphins from a safe distance. These are wild dolphins so we don't want to disturb their natural habitat but dolphins are very curious mammals and you won't believe how close they will come!
And don't forget about the manatees! These enormous and carefree creatures are something you have to see to believe! Like the dolphins, these animals are incredibly curious, as you swim watch for their noses to start popping up through the surface of the water.
During your swim comb jellyfish, horseshoe crabs, banded tulip snails, blue claw crabs, sheephead and pufferfish all will often make appearances. This is an adventure of a lifetime and great for all ages, both young and old!
Join us for an exciting adventure you'll never forget! Click 'book now' to schedule your trip!